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o Porto Scusi or Porto Hidden


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Portoscuso or Porto Scusi or hidden port; it was originally linked to traditional tuna fishing and maritime trade. Testimony of the vocation for fishing and tourism is the ancient Tonnara Di Su Pranu, today bound by the Superintendency of Fine Arts of Portoscuso.

Today Portoscuso is above all a tourist centre, with its beaches, restaurants and clubs near the small harbour.
The most important tourist attractions are the Spanish Tower built in 1500 to protect the tonnara from Saracen raids, the tourist port, the pine forest, the Portopaglietto beach, the Boi Cerbus pond with its pink flamingos and Capo Altano.

Beaches in Portoscuso
The best known beaches of Portoscuso are the suggestive Portopaglietto, the small Caletta and Paleturri.

Pallet carrier
one of the most beautiful and popular beaches. Being sheltered from the winds, its deep waters are calm most of the year. In ancient times this beach served as a port for ships to and from Carloforte.

it is a beach with a bottom of rocks and cliffs which is located under the Spanish tower. Its blue waters are very deep and full of fish, suitable for snorkelling or fishing. From the beach on clear days, you can admire the islands of Sant'Antioco and San Pietro.

The Cove
Near Portopaglietto we find the Caletta, a charming little beach very close to the tonnara. La Caletta is also called la Ghinghetta, it is accessed by a ladder and is a very quiet beach where even in the high season, at certain times of the day, you can find yourself alone.

Masua Beach
Masua is located 25 km north of Portoscuso. Beautiful and evocative with the Pan di Zucchero stack in front of it, 133 m high, so called due to the shape and white color of the rock. The beach is characterized by a crescent shape with very fine sand. The remains of an old warehouse used when the Masua mine was still active are still visible on the beach.

Cala Domestica
11 km north of Masua, Cala Domestica is set in a fjord, mixed sand and gravel with the green of the woods behind it. It also includes a smaller cove which is accessed via a tunnel dug by miners.

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